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EPI worked with the MoICS and Parliament to provide technical support to the SEZ bill, which was approved by the Parliament and promulgated on the 4th of October, 2016. The SEZ bill offers genuine opportunities for increasing exports by accelerating growth in the manufacturing sector. It has addressed constraints related to land, poor infrastructure, high costs of labour, administrative delays, and coordination challenges. SEZ can serve as an effective facilitator for accelerating private investment, especially for enhancing manufacturing growth and generating productive employment.

Since its passing, a number of important business houses in Nepal have applied for space within the SEZ. Similarly, the GoN adopted Regulations for SEZ Act on 25th of September 2017. EPI is now providing technical assistance to the SEZ Authority, charged with establishing and operationalising SEZs. EPI plays a convening role in bringing together GoN and private sector stakeholders to achieve effective coordination for the operationalisation of SEZs.